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One Little Victory

Southern Charms Book 3

Often the past attacks the present with painful memories.
So I stopped chasing dreams built on broken words. My plan is simple: work hard, play harder, and never—ever—get involved with anyone. Until one chance encounter with Simon Kelly turns my world upside down. He’s too pretentious, too arrogant—and don’t get me started on his storm gray eyes.
When a picture of us lands in the tabloids, we come to an arrangement. We’ll pretend to date, then go our separate ways. What could go wrong?

Addison wants to play pretend?
Fine. We will restore our reputations, but no amount of guilt can change the past. The feelings are real—too real to let her go. I know what I want, and I will get it. We’re better together than apart.
I am here to rewrite her story, whether she likes it or not.

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