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By Your Side

Southern Charms Book 2

Tattooed. Jacked. Gruff.
Three things that make Officer Handsome—sorry, Hansen—irresistible.

It wouldn’t be much of a problem if he wasn’t my new roommate, and completely unavailable.

Every day I need to remind myself I don’t have time for a relationship. I have a clinic to run, animals to save, and a job offer to consider.


But the day I walk in on him half-naked, all bets are off.

He says it can’t last—his lips tell a different story. The way they feel on my skin is addicting.Beneath his grumpy exterior, he has a huge… ahem… heart, and a family that means everything.

In a month, his house will be finished, and he’ll be gone. But every night we’re together makes me want to wake up in his arms every morning.

We agreed this was only a temporary fling.

But what if temporary is meant to last forever?

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