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Sexy, muscular, tatted up bartender who happens to love all things Christmas? Cute, straight-laced college girl who also loves Christmas and has a thing for said hot sexy bartender?? Yes! Sign. Me. Up! Add in the all cheesy Christmas puns (oh, how I love them) and the hot as hades steam between Noelle and Gabriel and you have a novella that I blazed through within an hour. This story is exactly what you need to escape.
SUMMER, Noelle
All you really need in your life for Christmas is a cute little read, right?! Omg, this book was AWESOME! I loved it so much! So much cuteness and sass in a bad-ass package! Gabe is ALL the levels of scrumptious! I was invested from the first page to the end, PLUS I'm reading the teaser for her next book, because OF COURSE I'mma be reading all the books from now on. This is EXACTLY what I needed! So much cuteness, smuttiness and Christmas funnn!!!! I looooove that they both love Christmas and the badass, tattooed sexy rawr-man with his Christmas-obsession was EVERYTHING I DIDNT KNOW I NEEDED!!! I will be reading ALL of Kat Long's books. She's definitely added to the new fave list. GIMME ALL DA BOOKS!!!!
Cute novella about looking beneath the surface to find the real person. Maddox has to be the strong boss man around his construction business. But in the privacy of his own home, he is a giant marshmallow. When he decides to find out what Lily is hiding beneath her Ice Queen persona, that's when the fun begins. His pursuit is one madcap misadventure after another. A fun and fast read.
DARCY, Love Under Construction


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